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KH7 Bathroom Disinfectant Professional Cleaning Spray

KH7 Bathroom Disinfectant Professional Cleaning Spray

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KH7 Baños. Introducing the 750ml KH-7 Zas Bathroom Disinfectant Cleaner in a convenient spray bottle – the perfect solution for your bathroom cleaning needs. Purchase Zas Disinfectant Without Bleach for Bathrooms with a Spray at Marvimundo, and you'll have a CLEAN, FRAGRANT, and NOW DISINFECTED BATHROOM.

Specially designed for bathrooms, this disinfectant comes in an apple and peppermint scent, ideal for cleaning toilets, faucets, sinks, and more.

A versatile cleaner to maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom, its application ensures the elimination of 99.9% of bacteria. Achieve a professional-level clean with KH7 Baños. Upgrade your bathroom cleaning routine today!

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