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Brisa Floor Cleaner

Brisa Floor Cleaner

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- La Lucca Brisa Floor Cleaner! Experience a unique blend of super-strong fragrance and unparalleled cleaning power. This specially crafted floor cleaner has undergone meticulous design, trials, and testing, ensuring it meets the high standards exclusively set for La Lucca products.

Witness remarkable results as you mop with our advanced floor cleaner. The addition of super fragrance boost technology means your home will be infused with the beloved Brisa fragrance for extended periods. Elevate your cleaning routine with the irresistible combination of freshness and effectiveness. Mop up and indulge in a fragrant, spotlessly clean home with La Lucca Brisa Floor Cleaner!

Can be used on all types of floor, including clay tiles, ceramic, porcelain, marble, natural stone, fired clay, micro cement, laminate floors, floating floors... (untreated wood is non-washable surface so, if you are not sure, we recommend you do an initial test on an inconspicuous area before use).



Pour the contents of 3 caps into a bucket of water (5L). No rinsing required.

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