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Ambar Flame Effect Humidifier

Ambar Flame Effect Humidifier

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Introducing the Flame Humidifier.

· 3.0 flame effect humidifier.
· The extensive use of heating and air conditioning in enclosed spaces nowadays creates an excess of dryness that impacts our health, causing respiratory irritation and skin and eye dryness, leading to increased daily stress levels.
· With the essence humidifier, you'll create a healthy environment with optimal humidity levels your body needs. Simultaneously, you can enjoy all the aroma-therapeutic benefits of essences directly vaporized into the air.
· Choose your scent, select a light tone, and immerse yourself in a sense of well-being.
Its flame-shaped vapor provides a feeling of relaxation, akin to sitting by a cozy fireplace.
· Exclusive fusion technology. Concentrated, impurity-free essences fully dissolve in water, maintaining all their aromatic properties.

· Water Vapor: Improves breathing, prevents eye and skin dryness.
· Essences: Reduce stress and balance emotions.
· Light: Helps create a relaxing atmosphere.
· Silent: Thanks to its ultrasonic system.
· Duration: Over 10 hours of continuous diffusion per water tank (300ml).

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